Balancing practice

Observe the journey of this tree that grows from a small sapling to a well-rooted, great-crowned one.

Where are you on your journey towards being more present? Are you a small sapling, just getting started, unsure of what it means for you and how it feels? Are you a strong, robust, tall tree – with deep, well-nourished roots to hold an impressive crown in place as it sways with the wind and holds space for all the leaves and branches, birds, and squirrels?

In between the trunk and the crown of the tree there is the energetic link that sends the nutrients up the branches and grounds the energy created up in the crown. Natural balance.

You may be thinking: “Am I just being planted? A young tree? Who would feel like a mature one, anyway?” Now, let go of the story you tell yourself about where you are. Recognize that you already are a tall, robust, mature tree. Breathe and feel your trunk nourishing you with every inbreath, and grounding you back down with every outbreath.

Now stand like a tree.

With each breath in, pull all the energy that you need all the way from your roots up the crown, to all the branches, leaves, thoughts and ideas, plans and regrets, and joys and sorrows.

With each breath out, send all your excess energy, the excitement, the stress, the wishes and goals, down in to the Earth. There is space for all of it, there is harmony in all of it. You are already there. You are present to yourself, exactly where you are right now.

Just stand like a tree, breathe, create balance. You are already there.